Re: [gtk-list] Re: Q's: Animation & GTK Markup Language

On Thu, 09 Apr 1998, wrote:

> Datatypes is one
 that springs to mind...

 Datatypes aren't that useful at all.... they tend to identify files wrong...
 But you are right: the idea behing it is rather genius...

> and an os that can have most or even
> all of
 itslef completely patch and replaced withotu recompilation..

 No, I had big problems because the only way to replace essential
 things (like exec.library, graphics.library) was to replace the ROM.
 ROM cost money and you have a big chance that they don't work
 either (upgrading the ROM caused my weird HD-Controller not to 
 get detected and thus used anymore :(( )

> lots of
 shared libraries and decent support for them
 That's a rather great thing....

> decent file requester

 asl is a very odd thing..... but the possibilty of patching the
 pointers to it and so use any other library instead is
 one of the most beloved features.....

> decet gadet/widget libs (MUI springs to mind,then ClassAct and

 Wurgs... MUI is such a big scrap I can't describe in a few words.....

>.. plus a really slick filemanager, and windowing system... :)

 What filemanager?

>All I want is my wondefful aMigaOs
 environment back.




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