[gtk-list] Re: Q's: Animation & GTK Markup Language

   Derek Simkowiak wrote:

 DS>         I hate Windoze, but I do like Widget animations.  Right now a
 DS> program I'm writing updates a "label" widget at every keystroke, and it
 DS> flashes horribly (although the Win95 program I'm cloning does the same
 DS> thing :)

 DS>         Raster understands the importance of animation--from what I
 DS> understand the next E will have some nifty little anims (is that TRUE,
 DS> btw?)

as impressive as animations and other "nice" stuff is - it can get annoying if
you overdo it and don't provide an option to turn it off. the M$ dancing
paperclips are probably the worst example, and i have yet to meet someone who
doesn't say they get on his/her nerves - including computer-illiterate users.

yes, i did love enlightenment. but i *do* want to be the one who decides
whether i want the nice stuff or not, and not be at the mercy of marketing
people and designers.

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