[gtk-list] Re: Q's: Animation & GTK Markup Language

   "Peter C. de Tagyos" wrote:

 PCdT> I have recently begun designing a GUI-Builder/IDE for GNOME
 PCdT> applications.
 PCdT> I have yet to really think about what the form should contain, and how
 PCdT> to
 PCdT> structure the file.
i suggest a very careful design stage on this one. if you want -
 PCdT>  I would be happy to work with you or anyone else in
 PCdT> designing a format for a GUI layout file
i will try to be of help. as i said in the other mail, i believe the vb system
to be really bad and would rather recommend something that concentrates on the
contents and uses as much of the automatisms in gtk as possible. after all,
that's what they are for.

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