Re: [gtk-list] Re: Pixmaps in gtk

On Mon, Sep 29, 1997 at 05:23:41PM -0400, Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> >Again, I don't know if this is already possible.
> It is already possible except for drawing borders by editing a gtkrc file.
> Otto tells me that it is also possible to create alternative style objects
> that provide functions that could implement this kind of behavior, and
> that it should be possible to even put them in a separate library.
> michaelkjohnson

Let me clarify...

each widget has a GtkStyle object associated with it, and each of
those has function pointers to various drawing methods... (i.e.,
draw_hline, draw_vline, draw_shadow, and so on)

The idea is to give gtk+ the ability to look differently without
having to rewrite tons of code.  At least, this is the impression I
get from reading the source and one of the comments in the TODO

I ought to be possible to code the functions into a shared object,
load it using dl*(), and then create a GtkStyle with the function
pointers pointing to your functions... then apply that style to
whatever widget you please. (I'm not sure if the gtkrc stuff has
enough support for this kind of effort... I'd have to look at it
again, it's been a while.)

In any case, it isn't entirely unreasonable (though questionaly
desireable:) to think you could write a set of drawing routines that
drew pixmaps rather than using gdk (or X) primitives.

Of course, none of the GtkStyle concepts has actually been put to the
test and I'm sure (with no disrespect to the authors :) that there are
kinks to be worked out... probably requiring changes to gtk.

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