Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk_rc_get_style_by_name()?

On Thu, May 22, 1997 at 09:28:24PM -0700, Peter Mattis wrote:
> "Michael K. Johnson" writes:
> >I wrote:
> >>Doh!  I've found gtk_rc_style_find(), which appears to do what I want.
> But gtk_rc_style_find returns a GtkRcStyle, not a GtkStyle. The
> GtkRcStyle contains a GtkStyle which may need to be initialized. I
> guess I can add a gtk_rc_style_by_name if its desired. 

Might be useful, but since this bug is fixed, I'm not sure it's useful

> >I'd really like to keep those style definitions out of the executable,
> >in the configuration file.  Is it possible?  Is it supposed to be
> >possible?
> As mentioned by someone else on the list, gtk_widget_set_name does
> weird things with changing the style. Why did I do it that way? I
> can't remember. Probably because gtk_widget_set_style wasn't
> implemented for a long time. Anyways, changing gtk_widget_set_name to
> the following worked for me in a small little test:
[fix snipped]

Shortly I'll have RPMs up on contrib on for gimp and
gtk with this fix. (not a big fix, but makes it easier to hand it off
to Michael. :)


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