Re: gtk_rc_get_style_by_name()?

I wrote:
>Doh!  I've found gtk_rc_style_find(), which appears to do what I want.

If it were exported, it might.  There are several rc functions that are
static that would be useful.  Is there a reason for that, or can we make
some of them available?

Let me explain what I'm trying to do.  I've got an application that needs
to have a set of buttons turn red, yellow, or green on demand, and those
buttons need to have all 5 highlight states, including prelighting, etc.
To do this, I'd like to use styles defined in the rc file.  My first try
was to create three styles and then specify three widget names that take
those styles, and to dynamically rename the buttons.  The buttons get
renamed all right, but the styles don't get applied.  My next idea was
to get the styles by name (with gtk_rc_style_find() if it weren't static,
for instance), and to apply them explicitly.  That doesn't work either.

I'd really like to keep those style definitions out of the executable,
in the configuration file.  Is it possible?  Is it supposed to be



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