How to create bitmap GdkImages?


I'm still wrestling with my fax application, and now I want
to display the bitmaps. However I'd like to do this as
efficiently (memory usage wise) as possible, which means
I'd like to create an XImage of the type XYBitmap. (At least
I think this will be the most efficient solution)

I studied the gdk code, but this does not seem possible at 
the moment. All images are created with a depth corresponding
to the available visuals.

I could write a new routine to create GdkImages of the 
type XYBitmap and depth 1, it seems to be no more than
just writing this one call, which is very much the same
as gdk_image_new, but perhaps this can be solved differently?

Any thoughts?

Marc van Kempen                 BowTie Technology     
Email:            WWW & Databases
tel. +31 40 2 43 20 65         
fax. +31 40 2 44 21 86

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