Problems on alpha

I've just tried to compile the GIMP on our DEC Alpha workstations, running 
OSF/1, and have come across a few problems in the GTK distribution. These led 
to the GIMP seg faulting on start-up, which I think qualifies as A Bug. 
Anyway, the problems, and the fixes:

In gdk/gdkfont.c:gdk_char_width(), the second parameter is a gchar, which is 
In gtk/gtktext.c:get_text_font(), this is called in a loop from 0 to 255. The 
parameter is cast to a char before being passed in. No prizes as to what 

Changing the cast in get_text_font(), the parameter in gdk_char_width(), and 
the associated header files to guchar instead of gchar and char (what's a char 
doing there?) fixes it. GIMP works (and is impressive. Oh, for a 24-bit 

A probably associated problem, not really relevant to this list but I'm here 
so I may as well mention it, is that the GIMP only works if I *don't* strip 
the binary. Seeing as it's 12MB (that's even bigger than Netscape!), it would 
be nice to be able to cut it down a bit... any ideas?

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