[gtk-list] Wish list?

What do people think gtk needs most urgently at the moment? Things I've
heard mentioned:

0) Documentation and bug-fixes. Obviously a priority ;)

1) Bindings for other languages: C++, Python, Guile seem to be the most
   popular requests. (If anyone's thinking of doing this, I'd really
   recommend at least looking at SWIG - I've used it for a few things
   before, and it can be used to automate a lot of donkey work).

2) Extra widgets: a directory-tree style widget might be nice; also 
   higher-level widgets like toolbars. Anything in particular?

3) A Gui-builder  (I've gotten quite fond of SpecTcl lately).
   Probably a lot of work to get right, though. It could be a lot easier
   if it could be built on top of (say) a Python layer.

Is anyone doing any of this stuff, or thinking of doing it in the future?
I may have some time available in a few weeks, and I'll get bored if I 
don't have something to write ;) Obviously, I'd like to avoid duplicating
other people's work or doing something completely useless...



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