Re: gtk_text vs. gtk_page

> First, the gtk_page widget, as currently implemented, has quite a few
> features that the gtk_text widget, as currently implemented (at least in
> my copy of the 0.99.9 sources) lacks. First and foremost is support for
> embedded widgets. It also has support for real line wraps, indentation
> (sensitive to both line and paragraph breaks), variable amounts of spacing
> in both horizontal and vertical dimensions, a set_width method for
> controlling the set width, and clickable links. Further, in combination
> with scrolledwindows it implements horizontal scrolling. 

A quick comment.  I guess I wasn't subtle enough in my last mail.  I hate
to do this to Pete.  Pete broke the text widget VERY BADLY since the last
version I gave him.  This is why it crashed when newlines were inserted.
This is why it redraws and recomputes everything when you run your test.
When I fix it once again, it won't redraw the whole widget at each insertion.
Also, selection doesn't work yet.  I'll get out a new version sometime.
I think I'll also try to implement embedded widgets, then we can decide
how the performance is.

Also, have you proposed how to fix the size negotiation stuff?


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