[gtk-list] Proposal for a new project

Espen S. Johnsen writes:
 > If we start now, we may even catch up with the KDE project before they
 > release their first official (non-beta) version.

Don't fight KDE, please - if you're about to re-invent the wheel then
maybe you could re-implement Qt based on GTK.

Qt is a whole application/object framework of which the user interface
is only the tip of the iceberg; hoping to duplicate its functionality
AND the functionality of the KDE suite itself in time to 'catch up' is
a noble ideal but near-impossible in practice and not necessarily the
most straightforward way to solve KDE's problem.

Even some of the KDE developers are uneasy about Qt's licensing, but
everyone is now committed; they may embrace a Qt-like GTK-based
library, and would almost certainly love a Qt-compatible GTK-based

But either way there's a lot of work there.


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