Proposal for a new project

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about KDE/Qt and the GPL
on comp.os.linux.development.apps.  I won't say anything about that,
but there is two reasons why I would never use or contribute to KDE:
it is C++ only and uses a proprietary GUI toolkit (Qt).

Now that a very nice free GUI toolkit exists (you know which), I think
the time is right for a new project: The General Desktop Environment,
GDE for short.  Of course we should try to reuse as much code as
possible from existing programs, and maybe from KDE.  I have also read
some rumours about Red Hat rewriting their tools to use GTK.  If this
is true, we could try to convince them to support GDE.  In any case, I
know a lot of cool programs will be written with GTK as the toolkit.

If we start now, we may even catch up with the KDE project before they
release their first official (non-beta) version.  One program which will
be necessary is as small and fast documentation browser for HTML 2.0,
info and man pages.


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