Re: [gtk-list] Proposal for a new project

>  Now that a very nice free GUI toolkit exists (you know which), I
>  think the time is right for a new project: The General Desktop
>  Environment, GDE for short.

I think starting yet another desktop project is a complete waste of
time.  There are just too many of them.

What I would do is port KDE over to Gtk as quickly as possible, plain
and beautiful C only.  Then I would show that work to the KDE people.

>  If we start now, we may even catch up with the KDE project before
>  they release their first official (non-beta) version.  One program
>  which will be necessary is as small and fast documentation browser
>  for HTML 2.0, info and man pages.

I think you can use a lot of code from the existing KDE widgets.

If someone is going to do this, I think it should be as fast as
possible.  KDE/Qt/C++ is getting big and the code is settling down, so
the sooner a Gtk version is available, the better.


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