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On 02-May-97 Richard D. Jackson wrote:
>Seems we have simular ideas. Not only do I want application resources I
>would like configuable button bars as well. Here are some of my ideas on
>how to do it...
>Preregister internal application functions that can be called by a
>button bar/menu or what ever. with something like this:
        Yup, sounds like the right approach. Fro the gimp these could
simply be PDB calls.

>gtk_func_register( function_pointer, "resource name", "description")
>The resource name is the string that will be used in the resource file
>and the function_pointer is what would be called for that resource. The
>description would be used by GUI configuration utilities so the user
>knows what a given funciton does.
>The only minor draw back is functions would need to be registerd before
>the resource file was parsed. 
        Probabaly. Compile time too probabaly. For a wm button bar i would
imagine there wouldnt be too many new functions to add. Seeing as fvwm
already as functions for just about everything. You would just need to
hook into them somehow. But, I dont know what all you want to be able to
do with it.
        For a GIMP button bar, this is simplified because of the PDB. So
as long as you can perfrom pdb functions you can do basically everything.
Original for my idea I had though about trying to rip open scriptf-fu and
use the scheme intreprter so i could have buttons execute complex scheme
scripts. But it would be much easier just to call pdb to call scripf-fu
with the approriate commands.  

>The button/menu bar side would be the easy part. During the bar creation
>phase you attach  these functions to the buttons for the varios events. 
>Now once that is done how much harder would it be to define the actual
>interface in the resource file? See where I'm heading?

        I think so. Basically, you want a bar that can be completely user
configureable at run time. Including the ui. So that if you have one setup
with ten buttons , and another with 60 then it's no problem.  

> Esentialy I want
>to unbind the UI as much as possible from the code. That way if I want
>to change something or try something out all I would have to do is
>modify the resource file and rerun the program no recompile needed.

        Yup. Souunds cool. Unfortunately I havent the slightest clue of
how to go about  making the ui change at run-time. Actually, now that I
think about it, it shouldnt be that hard as stuff in the gimp ui changes
in run time (click this button, that button disappears, etc). How to do
that based on a resource file I am not to clear on. Unfortunately, last
ime I checked all the .gimprc configurable stuff in gimp that should
effect the ui didnt work (ie, rulers, the transparency "check" size, etc).

Adrian Likins
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Adrian Likins

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