[gtk-list] Re: Stupid feature requests

Peter Mattis writes:
 > Shawn T Amundson writes:
 > >Isn't this just a matter of shifting the widget that is in the button 
 > >down and right 2(?) pixels?  It shouldn't make a difference what widget it
 > >is, whether it's a label, pixmap, or a container with both.
 > The reason buttons don't move their child down and to the right when
 > they are depressed is because I don't think that's what is happening
 > visually. My view of buttons is that you are looking at them straight
 > on. That is, the user interface lies in a plane and you're above it
 > looking straight at it. When a button gets pressed it moves directly
 > away from you. To be absolutely correct I guess the child should
 > actually shrink a tiny amount. But I don't see why the child should
 > shift down and to the left. Remember, the child is supposed to be
 > attached to the buttons surface. Its not good for it to appear like
 > the child is slipping on the surface of the button. 

I concur with Peter's assessment of the visuals.  It would be weird
for the pixmaps to move sideways.  Yes, shrinking is technically
appropriate, but it would look really ugly for some images and isn't
worth the trouble it would be, IMO.

Just my $.02,


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