Re: [gtk-list] Stupid feature requests

On Thu, Jun 12, 1997 at 06:18:42PM +0300, Martynas Kunigelis wrote:
> Hi gtk-ers,
> I'm new to gtk, haven't written a single stupid app yet, but as always
> I already have some idiot newbie remarks that tend to piss the 
> developers off:
> 1. Why not make the button label/pixmap/whatever move along with the
>    button itself when the button is clicked? Motif is the only toolkit
>    that does not do this and why should gtk inherit bad things?

Because it used to be that you could specify five different pixmaps
for the various states of a button.  If you wanted a pixmap that
moved, you just provided another pixmap.  It worked, but resulted in a
lot of excess code.  (the advantage now is better handling of

Apparently Spencer changed how GtkPixmap widgets work, so that may not
be the case any longer.  I haven't had the time to look at it... so
I'm not sure there is a way to do it anymore. :-/

> 2. In _all_ other GUI toolkits I've seen the button/menu/scrollbar
>    stays pressed if you press the mouse button and move the pointer
>    off the widget. The button gets released when the user releases
>    the mouse button, wherever the pointer might be. Gtk does it
>    in a different way: the button gets released if you move the pointer
>    off it while the mouse button is down. I don't know whether this
>    is intentional, neither I find it particularly annoying, just not
>    traditional. Any chance to get it the other way?

Then you haven't seen Motif, Qt, XForms, Xaw3D and Windows.

The first few were the only ones I had convenient on this machine to
test... the last is from memory. (I remeber how Minesweeper works, okay:)
> 3. The menus act kinda weird. If I drag the pointer through menus, it's
>    ok. But if I release the mouse button, the pointer changes into
>    X and the menu acts as if I still held the mouse button pressed.
>    Even when I move the poiner out of the menu, the gtk thinks the
>    mouse button is still down and keeps popping up other popup menus
>    from the menu bar as I move the pointer past them. Is this how
>    it is meant to be? I don't like that... I'd love the menus to act
>    just like Motif or Windogs or any other menus. ;)

Don't dare change this.  I love it like this, and so do a few other
people.  The only problem I see here is that the pointer doesn't
change appropriately when it's in a dropped down menu.  (should be a
trivial fix)
> 4. When checking the rulers demo from the testgtk, sometimes the 
>    vertical ruler disappears when I move the pointer above the top
>    of the window. Sometimes I just stays at the topmost position
>    just like it should.

Sounds like a bug.  Make your first program a small test case for the


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