Re: [gtk-list] Killing Widgets Questions

> Hi
> I am working with Gtk on an app, and am wondering what
> the best way to kill widgets is.  I've seen setting
> the top level widget to null, and also using some
> destroy_widget function.  What I am doing is creating
> a window with a bunch of widgets with a function, and
> then later, I want to kill it after some event.  My
> concerns

I'm curious. What is the app your working on. I downloaded
gtk about a month ago, and have been trying to put together
a text editor / wordprocessor as a way to learn the widget

> 1.  How to kill the window so that all widgets are
> freed up.

I use the destroy widget method. specifically, gtk_exit().
It works okey when called from a widget such as a menu item,
but core dumps when I call it via the "destroy" method.

> 2.  Also how to access widgets embedded in another
> widget.  Right now I am using a structure for each
> window type that contains pointers to all the widgets.
> Is access to the widgets builtin to gtk so that I
> don't need to do this?

I would like to know this too?

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