Killing Widgets Questions


I am working with Gtk on an app, and am wondering what
the best way to kill widgets is.  I've seen setting
the top level widget to null, and also using some
destroy_widget function.  What I am doing is creating
a window with a bunch of widgets with a function, and
then later, I want to kill it after some event.  My

1.  How to kill the window so that all widgets are
freed up.
2.  Also how to access widgets embedded in another
widget.  Right now I am using a structure for each
window type that contains pointers to all the widgets.
Is access to the widgets builtin to gtk so that I
don't need to do this?

Caveat: I'm not a pro with C, more of a hacker
of the lowest grade.

T Scott Urban - from:/reply-to: may be faked

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