Kenneth Albanowski wrote:
> However, if I try to use a GtkFrame with GTK_SHADOW_IN style, they are
> sunken too far! It seems that the extra black line that Gtk uses to draw
> its 3D boxes (which gives Gtk its very crisp appearance) is not desirable
> for this application. Would anyone like to comment on
> GTK_SHADOW_SHALLOW_IN/OUT shadow types make only a single pixel-wide
> border?

The default behaviour for the *_draw_shadow() function is to draw
a 2 pixels shadow. This function is defined in GtkStyle.
Unfortunatly, it's defined in the class part of the GtkStyle, as
well as the width of the shadow (x/ythickness), so you can't change
it just by creating a new style (the styleclass is always the same).

There is currently no function to create a new style with a new 
styleclass. If someone has time to spend on this, it'll make (at least)
2 happy people :).

Currently gtk_style_new() is something like that:
  style_class = &default_style_class;

> Arguments that another graphical style would be better (or that a
> completely different approach is warranted) will be gladly accepted. I
> don't want Gtk to try to match Windows in appearance, just capabilities.

So do I.
If yo find another solution to your problem, I'll be happy to hear it
as I had the same problem last week (and didn't solve it).


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