Re: [gtk-list] Dynamic Menu Help

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Thomas S. Urban wrote:

> Hi
> I am writing an app that will have multiple top level windows
> each with it's own menus.  Some of these menus I will want to
> change during the execution of the program.  The examples
> I have seen (including the gimp) seem to have static menus -
> correct me if I am wrong here.  After browsing the
> gtkmenufactory header file, I notice a couple of functions
> that might allow me to add and subtract items from the
> menu:
> gtk_menu_factory_remove_paths (no ..._add_paths function)
> gtk_menu_factory_remove_entries
> gtk_menu_factory_add_entries
> I was wondering if anyone had any experience in this that
> they could share.  Do these functions do what I suspect
> they do?  If not, should the whole menu_items array
> be overwritten, the old menu destroyed, and the new
> menu created with the factory everytime I wish to modify
> the window structure?

I think these functions will work. One that doesn't yet is 

Deleting the whole menu and starting from scratch many be expensive, 
especially if the menu is actually visible at the time of the change.

I ended up using menus directly in Gzilla, rather than using the menu
factory. One problem with menu factories is that individual menu labels
cannot contain the '/' character. I also needed to deal with dynamically
creating new windows, each with its own menu. I found that menus are not
actually difficult to program. The main thing I gave up is the .menurc 
capability. If I found I needed that, I'd probably add capabilities to 
menufactory to escape the '/' character when needed. (now that I've got 
commit privileges in Gtk, I needn't be so careful to always do things in 
a way that doesn't affect Gtk itself)

> Is it better to use multiple menu_item arrays such as
> window1_menu_item[], window2_menu_items, etc. rather than
> one large array like the gimp does?

Back when Gzilla was still using menufactory, it used both - a big array 
for the static menus, and an array of size 1 for dynamically adding new 
menu entries.

Best of luck!


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