Re: Pango support for `size' OpenType feature?

>> Yes, but for example fc-list (version 2.8.0) gives the following for
>> lmroman12-regular.otf:
>>   Latin Modern Roman,LM Roman 12:style=12 Regular,Regular
>> Both `Latin Modern Roman' and `LM Roman 12' should work IMHO as the
>> input for the `size' feature.
> That would be extremely confusing.

I don't think so.

> Imagine in a design app, if you specifically choose the 12 variant,
> you really don't want another one to be used.

On the contrary, I think it would be confusing if it depends on the
font name the user selects whether the `size' feature gets applied or

The user should switch off this font's `size' feature if it is not

> As for what gets listed and what doesn't, we do scan-level surgery
> in Fedora using fontconfig rules, combining various Droid Sans
> families, etc.  Nicolas Mailhot can tell you if you are interested.

This is another issue: It's not possible to foresee all fonts
installed by the user, so a generic solution must be found.


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