Re: Pango support for `size' OpenType feature?

>> If I have understood correctly how the `size' feature works, it goes
>> one step further: Let's assume that I request emmentaler-13 while
>> using 19pt, and emmentaler-18 covers the range 17pt<=size<20pt.  After
>> applying the `size' feature, the application will use emmentaler-18.
>> BTW, XeLaTeX supports this, and the `fontspec' package for XeLaTeX
>> provides a nice emulation interface of it.
> Why would you request 'emmentaler-13'?

Because the user doesn't know it better?

> I assume the fonts have the same Preferred Family name.

Yes, but for example fc-list (version 2.8.0) gives the following for

  Latin Modern Roman,LM Roman 12:style=12 Regular,Regular

Both `Latin Modern Roman' and `LM Roman 12' should work IMHO as the
input for the `size' feature.


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