Re: Pango support for `size' OpenType feature?

> The only Free Software font family I can think of that can use the
> 'size' feature is Computer Modern.  And I don't think any of its
> OpenType renditions have that feature set.

OK.  However, LilyPond's Emmentaler font (containing musical glyphs)
also provides various design sizes and would be a good candidate.

> At any rate, it can easily go into Fontconfig.  We just need to add
> an element for design size, perhaps one for the design range,
> possibly for design name, and then make the matcher match the font
> with design size closest to requested size...

If I have understood correctly how the `size' feature works, it goes
one step further: Let's assume that I request emmentaler-13 while
using 19pt, and emmentaler-18 covers the range 17pt<=size<20pt.  After
applying the `size' feature, the application will use emmentaler-18.
BTW, XeLaTeX supports this, and the `fontspec' package for XeLaTeX
provides a nice emulation interface of it.

Would this possible with fontconfig also?


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