pango 1.30+ disable Xft backend


Im currently using pango 1.29.x along with cairo, freetype, fontconfig
and other friends. In pango 1.29.x there is an option to disable 
Xft support and keep only these backends configured:

        backends: Cairo FreeType

In pango release 1.30+ there is no options for configure to disable
Xft. In 1.29 releases I was using --without-x which now seems obsolete.

I want to use freetype, fontconfig for cairo so their presence will be neded.

How can I disable Xft from pango 1.30+ during Xft. Seems I always get the Xft
backend and I dont want to use xft, xrender, etc.

Im trying to build rrdtool on Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.


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