Re: glyph item split

> On 05/27/11 12:55, august wrote:
> > 	The split_index is said to be: "byte index of position to split item,
> > 	relative to the start of the item"
> > 
> > 	Can you explain what this means in more detail?   What is the start
> > 	of the item?  How do I get that?
> The item corresponds to a chunk of the text, say, from start to end.  start is
> what you want.  It's recorded in item->offset actually.
> So this should work, if everything else is correct:
>   Pango.GlyphItem vorn =  glyphitem.split ( text,
> glyphitem.glyphs.log_clusters[gi.end_index] - glyphitem.item.offset)

thanks for the reply.  Can you tell me what happens to the glyphitem and
the gi when I make that split?

The following code goes through a text line by line, run by run, and
glyphitem by glyphitem.  It then tries to split off the first cluster
and continue in the loop.

Line 79 is where the split happens.   I'm sure this changes the
glyphitemiter somehow, but don't know how to do it so that I can
continue inside that loop.   Any suggestions?

> You may want to check the source code in situations like this.

I couldn't find anything that is doing something similar to what I want.

any help would be appreciated.

many thanks -august.

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