Re: glyph item split

On 05/27/11 12:55, august wrote:
> 	The split_index is said to be: "byte index of position to split item,
> 	relative to the start of the item"
> 	Can you explain what this means in more detail?   What is the start
> 	of the item?  How do I get that?

The item corresponds to a chunk of the text, say, from start to end.  start is
what you want.  It's recorded in item->offset actually.

So this should work, if everything else is correct:

  Pango.GlyphItem vorn =  glyphitem.split ( text,
glyphitem.glyphs.log_clusters[gi.end_index] - glyphitem.item.offset)

You may want to check the source code in situations like this.


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