glyph item split


	What is the proper way to split a glyph item?

	I have a glyphitem, a glyphitemiter gi, and a text.

	Is there a way to split the glyphitem using just those three things?

	I try:
	Pango.GlyphItem vorn =  glyphitem.split ( text, gi.end_index );
	Pango.GlyphItem vorn =  glyphitem.split ( text, glyphitem.glyphs.log_clusters[gi.end_index] );

	Is the text, the original FULL text, or just the text portion that
	makes up part of the glyphitem?

	The split_index is said to be: "byte index of position to split item,
	relative to the start of the item"

	Can you explain what this means in more detail?   What is the start
	of the item?  How do I get that?

	Also, about a year ago, I looked at the pango code and tried to
	implement a glyph_item_show_portion function that could take a
	portion [start:end] of a glyphitem and render it to screen.  It
	looked rather easy to implement, but I didn't know enough about the C
	api to do it.  Would it be possible to get some help on that?  I
	think it would be really useful and would make pango be able to
	render non-rectangular layouts better.

	thanks for your attention.

	sincerely -august.

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