pango 64-bit universal builds on Mac OS X

Hello. I'm the maintainer of the pango and cairo ports in MacPorts. We seem to be on a push recently to enable full 4-way universal builds in various ports. This means building for all four Mac architectures: i386 ppc x86_64 ppc64.

Cairo had trouble building 4-way universal because it attempted to use ATSUI functions, which are now legacy functions that are not available on 64-bit. We added #ifdef's to not use those functions when building 64-bit. Here is our ticket on that issue:

Here is the upstream bug report:

Now we have a similar problem with Pango. Here is our ticket on this issue:

It contains some patches and comments by one of our maintainers, including an implementation that uses CoreText instead of ATSUI. This should work on 64-bit Mac OS X 10.5, but CoreText is not available on earlier Mac OS X, so it won't help build 64-bit on Mac OS X 10.4. Then again cairo is still having troubles building 64-bit on Tiger too.

Should I file an issue in the issue tracker, or should some discussion on the correct fix take place here first?

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