Re: Win32: Why are symbol fonts not supported?

Tor Lillqvist schrieb:
Of course, Symbol fonts do not have Unicode mappings, but I don't need
such a mapping, because I know the glyph indices and can insert them
directly in a PangoGlyphString.

Hmm, but if Symbol fonts were allowed, there should then be some check
preventing users from trying to use them with normal strings,? Or will
it work out fine if users do that and they will get what they deserve,
i.e. the unknown glyph thingies?
I think such an option is not necessary. A user who wants to load a symbol font normaly knows how to handle it (o at least should know). One can load symbol fonts with a freetype fontmap on Windows and there is no such option, either.
File a bug in and attach a patch, and some test code.
I hope nothing important is missing and the diff file has the appropriate format. I have no experience with diff/patch commands.


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