Win32: Why are symbol fonts not supported?

I noticed that I cannot load any symbol font with the win32 backend in pango. While I was debugging the issue, I found the following:

[pangowin32-fontmap.c, line 1026,...]
/* Ignore Symbol fonts (which don't have any Unicode mapping
* table). We could also be fancy and use the PostScript glyph name
* table for such if present, and build a Unicode map by mapping
* each PostScript glyph name to Unicode character. Oh well.
if (lfp->lfCharSet == SYMBOL_CHARSET)

This restriction prevents anyone from using e.g. the Mathematica fonts (I already wrote about this problem a while ago) with win32 fontmaps. Of course, Symbol fonts do not have Unicode mappings, but I don't need such a mapping, because I know the glyph indices and can insert them directly in a PangoGlyphString.

It would be nice if the restriction could be removed.


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