localization of shortcuts (ctrl+*)

Hi, folks!

I'm working with this bug
ctrl+Non-Latin char doesn't work (ctrl+c is copy, than ctrl+(letter on the same key as 'c') should be copy too, but it isn't)
It has been already closed, but closed with hack code (they convert non-Latin chars to Latin if modifier is Control.

I think that the problem is in localization.
Everything is ok before gtk_bindings_activate. But if keyCode is non-Latin character it returns false. So, somebody missed these language bindings.
The question is where to find it. I've found such thing:
      <handler event="keypress" key="x" command="cmd_cut" modifiers="accel"/>
But failed to find translated xml. There're no GtkBinding* or gtk_rc*

How such things are locolized? I don't know what to have a look. But I feel that the problem is in it.

I will be happy to hear any advices or answers. I'm very week in gtk-programming.


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