Re: gtk-i18n-list Digest, Vol 36, Issue 7

2007-04-12 klockan 19:42 skrev Simos Xenitellis:
> On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 08:11 +0530, rush ta wrote:
> > hi...
> > I have an app running with Hindi Locale using GTK-i18n ...
> > Now i am cross compiling the application for another platform (ARM
> > architecture)..
> >
> > My assumption is that the .mo file will need to be cross compiled for
> > that platform too... CAN U CONFIRM ?
> > Also how do i cross compile it ?
> > When i cross my Glade application.. Its as easy as changing CC, GCC
> > variable etc in the makefile .....

You may also try the command-line gettext program to translate a single
(known) message for you:

  gettext -s the-text-domain 'A message known to exist in the file.'.

Of course you have to make sure your LC_* environment variables are setup
mvrgr, Wouter

thank you for the reply. Can you please specify more.
what exactly do you mean by 'the-text-domain' ?
doing a gettext -s on the binary of the application returns nothing ?
Trying one of the message also results in not found error ...

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