Re: [gtk-i18n-list] `.pcf' font not accessible from pango

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006 08:42:20 +0900
mpsuzuki hiroshima-u ac jp wrote:
>I see. I think, except of TTF, fc-cache is only effective
>for ASCII fonts. Yet I'm not sure if libfontconfig returns
>BDF/PCF to Pango if font.cache-1 includes suitable entry for
>non-ASCII BDF/PCF, but I think the renderer (Xft) itself
>can use non-ASCII BDF/PCF. Maybe, this issue is caused by

Finally I could display your font in gtk2 fontsel
of gtk+-2.8.10, see attached screenshot.

There are a few issues.

1. fontconfig cannot extract available charset info from
   your font. as you found in fonts.cache-1, charset and
   lang entry for your font is empty.
   for dirty-and-quick workaround, I copied charset and
   lang entry from ncenR14-L1.bdf (normal ASCII BDF font
   bundled in X11). by this workaround, pango recognize
   it is usable to render ASCII text.

2. (maybe) xft cannot use your font because it's encoded
   as "symbol". pango use UTF-8 interface of fontconfig,
   but there's no implicit conversion map from bogus
   "symbol" encoding to UTF-8. check the post in gtk-i18n-list
   titled "Using the Symbol font with pango".
   for dirty-and-quick workaround, I rewrite the charset
   registry to ISO8859 and charset encoding 1.

for right fix, both of fontconfig and pango/gtk+ should
be modified, I think.

however, I'm not sure if gtk2 has better system to draw
an art by font (like ascii-art).


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