Re: [gtk-i18n-list] `.pcf' font not accessible from pango

On Mon, 9 Jan 2006 22:37:12 +0100
pottendo <pottendo utanet at> wrote:
>>>Now `VICE CBM' appears in the fontselector widget (vice-cbm.bdf gets
>>>loaded; checked with strace)
>>>but choosing the font is not showing my CBM font but probably default
>>Hmm. Any BDF/PCF fonts are usable in your GTK2 application?
>>All BDF/PCF fonts are ignored (and fallback to other fonts)?
>How can I distinguish if easily whether bdf/pcf fonts are
>accessible or not?

The test I do is following:

Step 1. Change the font name in font.cache-1 to unique name

        The name given by fc-cache is usually same with
        other fonts (because fontconfig does not use the font
        name as unique key to lookup a font file), so I change
        the name manually to unique name, aslike:

	Original (generated by fc-cache)
	"10x20.pcf.gz" 0 "Fixed:style=Regular:..."
	"10x20.pcf.gz" 0 "PCFFixed:style=Regular:..."

Step 2. Check output of fc-list

	$ fc-list | fgrep PCFFixed

	So, I can expect as libfontconfig returns the path of
	bitmap font file.

Step 3. Check gtk2

	I use font selector widget in testgtk included in gtk2
	(gtk+-2.x.y/tests/testgtk). By the test, in my case
	(gtk+-2.4.14), ASCII PCF/BDF fonts are usable, at least.
	But Japanese PCF/BDF fonts (k14.pcf) does not work well...

Note detail of your gtk2 environment and send me your font.

>I have tried to convert vice-cbm.bdf to a ttf font using `fonttosfnt':
>  bash> /work/src/X-work/fonts/app/fonttosfnt/fonttosfnt -v -o vice-cbm.ttf vice-cbm.bdf
>  vice-cbm.bdf VICE CBM Regular: 1 sizes (symbol)
>  Couldn't select character map: 6.
>Any idea?

I'm not sure whether such tools work well for fonts with
non-ASCII encoding.


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