Re: [gtk-i18n-list] `.pcf' font not accessible from pango


On Mon, 2 Jan 2006 15:26:34 +0100
pottendo <pottendo utanet at> wrote:
>I'm trying to migrate an application from GTK 1.x to GTK 2.x (Vice,
>This applications uses some handcrafted font which works well within
>an X11 environment. The source of the font is .bdf which is compiled
>with bdftopcf into .pcf format.

I remember, X11 core font support has been removed from
gtk+-2.4.x & later. Therefore, xlsfonts does not help you
to identify the font related troubles in gtk+-2.x anymore.
(the removing means the font management, how to lookup font,
how to access, etc etc are completely independent with
traditional X11 applications, like, xlsfonts, gtk+-1.x etc)
I suppose, your gtk+-2.6.x backend is xft, you should check
"fc-cache" command to get a list of the font xft library

>Also other applications using the fontselector widget don't show my
>CBM font. I also tried to add the fontpath to my ~/.fonts.config which
>didn't change anything.

I'm unfamiliar with ~/.fonts.config - Who told you as it's

>bash> rpm -q -a |egrep 'xorg|fontconfig|gtk|pango' |sort
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