Re: [gtk-i18n-list] How to create a PangoXFont object


On Thu, 24 Aug 2006 12:51:51 +0530
"Uma Shankar Ladha" <umashankar ladha gmail com> wrote:
>Thanks for the reply. I understand that libpango is made as independent. I
>havent yet seen any application code on how the bindings between libpango
>and libpangox is done.

Me too - I guess the procedure how libpango accesses libpangox
as following:

1. libpango dynamically loads plugin module:
2. is linked with

At present, I don't know good sample application which is
linked to and uses libpangox directly.

>Is it like I create PangoXFont and then the application type casts it into
>PangoFont and then uses it from APIs provided by libpango. Correct me if I
>am wrong.

I suppose simple cast from PangoXFont to PangoFont is enough,
but I'm not sure whether pango font management (e.g. font lookup,
mapping, etc etc) system can handle the directly-imported
(I mean: PangoFont created without libpango API) PangoFont object


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