Re: opentype features (ligatures)

> Because of its structure, this script must use opentype features,
> especially ligatures, and contextual substitution/positionning.
> I have seen some implementations of opetype features for indic
> scripts, but they won't work with the script I am working on.  The
> main thing its use would require is correct processing and rendering
> of ligature tables and I am willing to work with that, but...  the
> thing is: I don't know where to start at all...

Two notes: You should contact two very important lists which can give
you advice how to implement Mandombe correctly.  The first one is the
Unicode mailing list at

  unicode unicode org

There you can ask whether major OS companies (like MS or Apple)
already have typographic support for that language (or plan to do
this), and you can then follow those development.

Regarding OpenType questions you should definitely follow the OpenType
mailing list at

  opentype-list indx co uk

where you will find typographic experts from all the big font
companies (including MS and Adobe) who will help you with any
questions specific to OpenType.

> Is there a way the ligature rendering feature could be "activated"
> in pango?  In order for that to be possible, what information is
> required about the script?

Do you want to switch on and off a ligature feature explicitly?  Is
this really necessary?  Normally, selecting the Mandombe language (in
the font) should activate a set of `required' features.


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