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Jens Herden wrote:


Thanks for this explanation.

So, what can you do know for Khmer?
1. Create those compose sequences that are needed and test them that
they work with XIM.

I do not know how to use XIM, I never tried. But I have tested the compose sequence on many computers already. So they do work... on KDE :-(
Hi Jens,
XIM stands for the X Input Method. It is the standard input method provided by XFree86/Xorg. KDE does not have its own input method; it uses XIM, so you already have tested it :).

2. Make a bug report on the FreeDesktop bugzilla to have them included
on Xorg's en_US.UTF-8, when it gets available.

I wrote this
and I hope this will lead me to a solution for the compose files too.
Thanks for this.
The new version of XOrg (7.0) is about to be published soon, so there are chances these changes will not make it immediatelly into the new version. Afaik, XOrg is in second release candidate, so changes are not easy to go in just now.

The "compose" file is
and it is referenced from
Here you need to add a line such as

the_location_of_the_compose_file:		km_CB.UTF-8

which means where the compose file. You will notice that this often points to en_US.UTF-8.

Have a look at a similar bug for Kyrghiz, for the full steps:

3. Make a bug report  on GNOME's bugzilla with a patch for
gtkimcontextsimple.c. You have to be carefull here to keep
the struct guint16 gtk_compose_seqs[] sorted. You can either do this
manually or use the script provided at

OK, I will look into this too.

Simos Xenitellis

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