Re: gtk and composing characters


Thanks for this explanation.

> So, what can you do know for Khmer?
> 1. Create those compose sequences that are needed and test them that
> they work with XIM.

I do not know how to use XIM, I never tried. But I have tested the compose 
sequence on many computers already. So they do work... on KDE :-(

> 2. Make a bug report on the FreeDesktop bugzilla to have them included
> on Xorg's en_US.UTF-8, when it gets available.

I wrote this
and I hope this will lead me to a solution for the compose files too.

> 3. Make a bug report  on GNOME's bugzilla with a patch for
> gtkimcontextsimple.c. You have to be carefull here to keep
> the struct guint16 gtk_compose_seqs[] sorted. You can either do this
> manually or use the script provided at

OK, I will look into this too.


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