Re: [gtk-i18n-list] Unicode PUA supporting issue in gtk+/pango


On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 11:39:09 +0800
"Arne Götje (高 慌)" <arne linux org tw> wrote:
>And and it will still be a long time until CJK Ext. C comes out. And 
>even after that the PUA and Plane 15/16 areas will still be used for 
>temprary storage of characters which are not yet or will never be in 

Please let me know more about the characters that
"will never be in Unicode".

>>Is it the role of iconv?
>No. it would be the matter of the fonts to supply alias codepoints, so 
>that both, old documents and new documents can be displayed. 
>However, if someone wants to convert Unicode documents from PUA 
>codepoints to new official codepoints, there should be a script 
>provided to do that manually (for example a plug-in in 

I think you say "if gtk+/pango passes PUA charcode transparently
to the font layer, it's enough, no code-conversion issue occurs."
My understanding is right? If so, how do we descriminate:
the fonts which provides expected Hanzi glyph for PUA codepoint,
and the fonts which uses PUA for other purpose?
If there's OpenType feature tag to declare as PUA codepoints are
filled by HKSCS or CNS11643, we can descriminate - but yet there's
no such thing, at present...

BTW, I don't have CJK unifont including Plane 15 & 16.
How do I obtain that?


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