Re: Mapping GNOME contributors from around the world!

Ross Golder wrote:

On อา., 2005-12-18 at 11:28 +0700, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan wrote:
On 12/17/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
You mean, like:

? (linked to from
Isn't that for people who feed Planet GNOME?
Sorry if I'm wrong. But that's my impression when seeing it there.

It's anyone who adds their co-ordinates to the list further down on that
same wiki page.
A few points on GNOMEDev (,
a. It allows the contributor to immediatelly add themselves to the list,
b. They can reposition themselves on the map easily as well. If you go on a trip (Guadec?),
you can update your position while you are there.
c. No need to find coordinates; you can set the city location, then fine-tune to the exact point on the map.
d. You can zoom in/out on the map.
e. Corollary: You can view individual contributors on congested parts of the map. For example,
Europe looks congested now; zoom in and you see each individual user.
f. You can add a thumbnail photo, full size photo as well as related photos.
g. You can add shout-outs. Consider it as a mini-p.g.o. with easy access.

I am not affiliated with the frappr service in any way.

I feel that for marketing purposes (marketing-list AT, it is important
1. get end-users (as opposed to GNOMEDev) added to a similar map as well.
Hmm, see
replicating the effect of
2. make an effort to publicise GNOMEDev a bit more.


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