Re: Problem in rendering indic fonts

Hi everyone,

This is again inl;ine with my doubt regading rendering indic fonts as my 
question ( posted on 16th JAn 2004) is still unanswered.

Is it because my question is silly or unrelevent? or it has already been 
discussed & such FAQ's are available in archieves. Pls suggest me something.
I'll look forward for a response this time. Thank you.


On Friday 16 January 2004 11:18 am, bheemesh wrote:
> Hi There,
> I have installed gtk+-directfb.2.0.9, and DirectFb-0.9.20 along with
> pango-1.2.5 with fontconfig and freetype.
> The installation went on fine & example codes are working fine.
> But only for english fonts & it's related fonts. But actually i want to run
> "indic fonts" on my Gtk+ appln. I have installed all the necessary
> "locales" and "fonts" for Indic languages.
> But now if run simplest of "calender" example of Gtk+ also, indic fonts are
> not visible.
> In fact i tried to set LANG variable to "hi_IN" ( locale for hindi Indic
> font). Then when i execute the calender , directly the hindi fonts apear.
> But i want to know how to change fonts across indic fonts, at runtime, not
> by making use of LANG variable.
>  Is LANG variable is the only way of changing locale, that is used by
> Pango, or Pango does change locale & fonts by any other mechanism.
> If Pango uses other mechanism where exactly it searches for locales & fonts
> as we have folders by name "locale " and "fonts" at various locations like
> "/etc", "usr/share" etc etc. ( I am
> Pls suggest me a good link or tutorial which describes how pango is able to
> switch across fonts & locales at runtime to run gtk applns with
> multilingual support.
> I expect a favorable reply at the earliest.
> Thank you very much in advance,
> regards,
> Bheemesh.

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