Re: ZWNJ/ZWJ being shown in Pango HEAD ?

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 11:57 -0800, Stefan Baums wrote:

> > M$ is trying to implement a system where 
> > 
> > ZWJ+Vowel Signs 
> > 
> > would render the standalone vowel signs only (no dotted circle).
> Shouldn’t this be possible, as per Unicode Standard, using <space,
> vowel sign>?  I also think that the dotted circle should not be
> used in the default rendering of an unattached vowel sign.  The
> circle is just a typographic convention used in the Unicode book,
> and explicitly not meant as a general rendering suggestion,
> current Uniscribe practice notwithstanding.  Looking at
> preexisting usage for the display of standalone mātrās (as in
> grammar books), there are no dotted circles anywhere but rather,
> as you say, just the mātrā, or the mātrā attached to a dash or
> some such.  The latter _should_ be achievable by the sequence
> <dash, vowel sign>, but I understand that the Uniscribe makers
> don’t like cases where a mātrā attaches to anything but a
> consonant sign, going so far as to call things like <dash, vowel
> sign> “garbage typing”.  It is not.  Please do not follow
> Uniscribe in this respect, but be more liberal.

But how do we handle cases like 
dash + Bengali Vowelsign E + Consonant ?

The Bengali Vowelsign E is rendered before the consonant, and so, 

dash + Bengali Vowelsign E + Consonant


dash + Consonant + Bengali Vowelsign E

will be same visually (last two lines at

Somehow, we need to let the users know that method 1 is not the proper
"consonant ekaar[1]". People using the traditional ugly hack "Bengali
Software" are accustomed to hitting the key for ekaar before typing in
the consonant, and we need to be cautious about that.


[1] ekaar = Bengali Vowel Sign E (U+09C7)

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