Re: ZWNJ/ZWJ being shown in Pango HEAD ?

> M$ is trying to implement a system where 
> ZWJ+Vowel Signs 
> would render the standalone vowel signs only (no dotted circle).

Shouldn’t this be possible, as per Unicode Standard, using <space,
vowel sign>?  I also think that the dotted circle should not be
used in the default rendering of an unattached vowel sign.  The
circle is just a typographic convention used in the Unicode book,
and explicitly not meant as a general rendering suggestion,
current Uniscribe practice notwithstanding.  Looking at
preexisting usage for the display of standalone mātrās (as in
grammar books), there are no dotted circles anywhere but rather,
as you say, just the mātrā, or the mātrā attached to a dash or
some such.  The latter _should_ be achievable by the sequence
<dash, vowel sign>, but I understand that the Uniscribe makers
don’t like cases where a mātrā attaches to anything but a
consonant sign, going so far as to call things like <dash, vowel
sign> “garbage typing”.  It is not.  Please do not follow
Uniscribe in this respect, but be more liberal.


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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