Re: pango + zwj

Hello Anuradha,

                           Thank you for your reply.

    The problem we have is something different. The conjunct formation that
you specify is working well in our language.
 Ie., consonant + virama + consonant forms a single conjunct.

There  is no problem with the conjunct formation. But the problem is with
some special symbols known as Chillaksharams or soft consoants(5 chars).
Actually it requires the ZWJ at the end for  forming the combination.

ie., Corresponding consonant + virama + ZWJ should produce a single

 The problem is, the Pango I have doesn't recognise the ZWJ for forming the
combinations. Just the 1st 2 symbols are displayed as it is. It might be due
to the Pango version I am using. I am using RH9.0 with pango-1.5.2 (source

 Which version do you use.


> Hi Saravanan,
> We have a similar situation but managed to get some of the
> Sinhala character rendering in Pango.  The patch is not yet
> commited.  But here is the overview.
> - Unlike some other indic languages, joining of a consonent
>   + virama + consonent combination is optional in Sinhala.
>   So, if one wants to join them, there should be an
>   explicity ZWJ.
>   Consonent + Virama + Consonent produces two glyphs
>   Consonent + Virama + ZWJ + Consonent produces the joined glyph
>   We haven't tested this much as it is optional, but if I am
>   not mistaken, it works.
> - To be consistent, post half-form of Ra and Ya are also
>   marked with ZWJ.
>   Consonent + Virama + Ra = two glyphs
>   Consonent + Virama + ZWJ + Ra = one glyph
>   Same story for Ya.  Ra works this way, but for Ya, Pango
>   always produced a single glyph.  We are looking into the
>   details of the problem now.
> Anuradha
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