Re: pango + zwj

Hello Arun,

 Actully, I have downloded the latest pango source(pango-1.5.2) , compiled &
installed in my system. I couldn't able to see any diff: in the Mal:
rendering b/w the Pango-1.5.2 & the pango provided by RH9.0.
I couldn't able to download via the CVS, since i dont have a direct
connection to Net. I am using a proxy.
Isn't pango-1.5.2 latest ?, is there any latest version than this.


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> Hi,
>   There is no prob in handling ZWJ. Pango version coming with redhat
> 9.0 wont render malayalam properly. Render is for old malayalam script
> and there is no otf font for old script.
> Try the CVS version it works fine(some bugs left).
> Arun.
> > But, Yet it is not clear to me that whether pango handles ZWJ in the
> > Indic fonts. Whether actually ZWJ is also taken care in pango. I have
> > Unicode font which, in windows, renders Mal. Chillaksharams(Pure
> > consonants) when the corresponding Consonat, virama, ZWJ is entered.
> > But in Linux(RH9.0) it is not working. They are displayed separately.
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