Re: pango + zwj

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 09:02, Arun M wrote:
> > 
> >  The problem is, the Pango I have doesn't recognise the ZWJ for
> > forming the
> > combinations. Just the 1st 2 symbols are displayed as it is. It might
> > be due
> Pls check the font with some font editor. Pango i dont find any prob
> with pango and chillu rendering. (Atleast for me it is working fine). 
> (Issue may be with the otf feature tag given in the font for chillu
> letter. ). 

Certainly there are still some problems with ZWJ and chillu ... 

 * Pango currently forms chillu even when ZWJ isn't present. While
   the correct behavior is very much debatable, my current inclination
   is that this ZWJ should be required.

 * If the font contains glyphs for ZWJ and ZWNJ they will appear
   in the output


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