Re: More than Combining characters

Hello Jungshik Shin,

Thank a lot for your information. That mean I should keep away Opentype Font
for a while. Anyway I have to redo in Graphite. I heard MS working on
Myanmar script but not that much activity. I haven't hard any progress for
one year. I don't see anybody who do Myanmar script in Mac AAT either. I
heard there is some one working on Pango Myanmar module but still I don't
find it who is working. If somebody know mailing list or something Please
inform me.

I see Myanmar module in Pango, who that thing work and how much it capable?

>   Script (or language in some case)-dependent reordering has to be done
> by rendering/layout engines like Pango and Uniscribe if you use opentype
> fonts. Glyph 'repositioning' has to be specified in opentype GPOS table
> that, in turn, has to be taken advantage of by Pango and Uniscribe.
> Pango layout APIs support line wrapping.

Sorry I mean Slot repositioning, not keening. Current encoding rule need one
or two character to move / jump a head of some character at rendering. That
give big problem at Opentype Font because I don't see any feature like that.
So I think Uniscribe have to do. Graphite doesn't problem with that, how
about Pango will do thing like this, also at in cursor hitting and editing
at runtime?

Maung TunTunLwin
maungttlwin myanmar com mm

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