Re: About pangowin32...

Tor Lillqvist wrote:

Hmm. In Win2k, I did Control Panel -> Regional Options -> General ->
Your locale: Chinese (Taiwan).

I did see Chinese both in GTK+ 2.0's testgtk's color and font
selection (with the pango.aliases file present), and in GTK+ 1.3.0's
testgtk. (And GIMP 1.2.4 runs, in Chinese.)

I might not make it very clear in last message. To reproduce the error, you have also to set Tradition Chinese as default in "Language Settings for the system", not only in locale.

MingLiu works when "Western Europe and United States" is set as default. GIMP runs very well with chinese fonts (except at it's debut on win2k) so I guess gtk+ 1.3.0 is doing well on win32.

-- darren

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