Re: About pangowin32...

Alexander Larsson wrote:

Aargh, thanks! I should have thought of that, to look for the
functionality on a higher (non-Pango-backend-specific) level.. Will
have to read the code to figure out what can be put in that file. (Can
one for instance specify locale-specific mappings, in order to get
locale-dependent fonts for the CJKV ideographs?)
Yes. This is basically the reason I removed alias support in the lowlevel module. Pango already handle lists of fontnames wherever you can specify a font. All that is needed is a simple way to say "the name foo really means this list of fonts".

Unfortunately I think work on implementing pango-global aliases were held up by other issues at some point. I still think it's the right thing though.

So How does Pango recognize fonts in version 1.0.4? by a global alias file or by some other configuration file?

It uses XftConfig, under X Render extension (GDK_USE_XFT=1) and /etc/pango/pangox.aliases in traditional X. In this way pango does very well but when I move to win32 it gives me no other fonts besides Arial.

It uses the win32 call EnumFontFamiliesExA, like all other windows applications. It shouldn't need any configuration to be able to list the same fonts as any windows app.

Extra information is reported in here:

Moreover, there's something (seems to be) outdated in pango soucre, like those in examples directory. Should we have a clean up?

I don't know why it's failing for you. It was a long time ago since i last touched the pango win32 code.

I wonder whether it's a bug in Pango or an exception in my configuration. Everytime I instantiate a GtkFongSelectionDialog, error comes out from gconvert.c and my program crashes.

This stops me to go further investigation because I can't even list out the fonts that Pango can recognize.


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